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 Our Story2

Icon Importers and Distributors Ltd. (Icon) located in the parish of Westmoreland was founded in 1999, is the winner of the National Commercial Bank Capital Quest 2016.  The company is a highly reputable business in the parish of Westmoreland which contributes immensely to community projects.  Led by its Chief Executive Officer Mr. Moses Chybar and a team of competent individuals the company experienced trading income growth of 38% over the last five years.

Driven by its Vision of “Being the primary distributor of goods and services in the Caribbean in response to consumer demand”, Icon has broadened its presence in the business-to-business market and has expanded its suite of offerings in the consumer market. Icon current operations are related to four Strategic Business Units (SBUs’), namely;

  • Hospitality and Supermarket Supplies: Garbage bags, Gloves, Tissues, Paper Towel, Straws, Foil, Fuel Gels, Tea Light Candles, etc.,
  • Renewables: Led Bulbs and Lights, Led Flood lamps, Solar Water Heaters, Solar Ac Units, Solar Mini Systems, etc.,
  • General Merchandise: Water Boots, Water Pumps, Fans, Student Desks/ Chairs, Stationery, etc.,
  • Maintenance and Services: Parts (AC Units, Water Heaters, and ware Pumps), Souvenirs, Plaques, Medals, Trophies, etc.

The company operates a retail store in Savanna-la-mar with its corporate headquarters and distribution center located in Paradise Westmoreland.  Icon currently distributes its products and provides services islandwide through partnerships and a well-trained team of sales representatives.  Icon will continue to be an industry leader by further engaging partners, remaining nimble to respond quickly to changing customer demands while operating by its motto, “Dedicated to Excellent Service” and sustaining a culture aligned with its core values; Integrity; Excellence; Quality; Accountability; Responsibility.

 Our Vision

Being the primary distributor of goods and services in the Caribbean in response to consumer demand.


 our mission

To remain viable, and profitable by exceeding customers expectations in relevant target markets while improving the welfare of our stakeholders and positively impacting the environment.


 core value

Integrity, Excellence, Quality, Accountability, Responsibility

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  • Water Depot: 106 Great Georges St, Savanna la mar, Westmoreland
  • Retail Store: 17 Lewis St, Savanna La Mar, Westmoreland
  • Tel: 876-955-2945